Monday, March 11, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

Well it is all getting rather exciting here.... the bottom boards have been fitted. They are plywood and have been screwed down to the supports underneath the beams. The joins have had more bits screwed over them, all the edges have been sealed....

When we pulled old wallpaper off all those years ago, we found an old window and we have decided to put one back in, it will look better than the glass fibre stuff!!

Every day we get a visit from the local inspector....!!! Lennart is very impressed with the work!

The flooring planks turned up .... they are lovely!! My hand gives an idea of the width of them. In the picture you can see them disappearing off into the distance getting thinner and thinner. More so than normal perspective as they are cut like this from the trunk of the tree. A tree is wider on the bottom and normally they cut off the sides to make them parallel. They are going to have to rotate them around alternately so they they do not create a semicircle! They are big and heavy chunks of wood.

The wind cloth is going down in this picture below. This stops the cold wind pushing its way through the cracks...

The picture below does not really show very clearly that there is a new beam installed to help hold up the sagging roof beams. I need to brick up the gap behind at the bottom.

 And finally the first load of insulation is going in..... Wood shavings bought from the farming shop! Much cheaper than the rock wool and much nicer to work with. It smells lovely in the other room now!


Tomorrow they start fitting the actual floor which will be interesting to see. It must be getting warmer in there now that it is starting to be sealed up, and it is just as well as the weather has got cold again. It was -19 this morning but warmed up to a sunny +3! That is quite a big temperature change!

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