Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chips and wedges......

The other day they lowered the house but they were not happy with the fit so they lifted it up again and I managed to snap this shot of the floating corner of the house with the light poring in from the outside. It did not stay like that for long, it is now all tight again!

Last night I started the night shift in the work room. As soon as the builders left I went in and chipped away at the concrete on the walls of the fireplace and the wall in between  It was better to do it before the floor was in as it would damage the beautiful new floor. So armed with a head torch, a cold chisel and a hammer I tapped away and removed all the concrete on the stove. This morning I woke rather early, 5am, and started again and managed to clear it all up just as the builders arrived. Thank goodness they were a little later today, one of them slid into a ditch yesterday so they missed the shops. I was trying to think of ditch jokes, but couldn't think of any!! I protected the gaudy, ornate "kakelugn" (Tilled stove is the direct translation) with old amazon boxes. I did not want any of the flying concrete to chip it.

The picture below show all the concrete removed. Later I will try and clean up the bricks and see what it looks like. 

The next picture show the piece of newspaper which was used as lining paper. The date on it is 27th September 1961. This was when they must have done all the work on the house before.

So we have had the chips...now the wedges....

To support the beams and make them accurate and easy to level they use an ingenious and incredibly simple method. They make a block out of 3 pieces of wood. The centre piece is cut at 90 degrees and the outside 2 have an angle on top. They are fixed together so that they can slide in 2 wedges on the angled pieces to get it level.

Then the wedge is inserted and knocked in until it is level.....

Then a piece of plywood is fixed to hold it in place....

It is a little awkward to get the beams in, so the window is used!

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