Friday, March 15, 2013

Cold and warm

Well the temperature has plummeted outside and already the new floor is making a big difference! For the last few days we have had -21 in the morning but the house in the morning feels warmer than it has for a long time! I took the temperature in the half finished room just now and it was +7. I have not lit the fires in yesterday and today as there is so much exposed wood shavings exposed and we don't want to burn it all down before we even start using the room!

The first plank is put in!

Then suddenly there is a whole floor! Here it has actually been covered in a thick layer of paper to protect it. All the planks that were stored at the other end of the room had to be moved to the finished side so they could work! It is great to look out of the windows and see the view and not just the tops of the trees!!

Wood shavings are stuffed under the planks once they are screwed down.....

Then the other side of the room can have the same treatment of wind paper, shavings and planks.....The planks start today!

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