Friday, March 22, 2013

Northern Lights, lighter days and lighting fires

Wow, Sunday night was amazing  I was going to bed early and just thought I'd check the satellite image from the space weather website and it lit up the screen. So I rushed out and had a look northwards, but there was still too much light in the sky but you could see it was a bit greeny. I waited up a bit and it started to improve. I put on more clothes, then some more until I had 4 coats, 3 hats and it really started to get good. In fact it was so good at this stage that my neck started to hurt looking up, so I got my "spark" (kick sledge) which has a seat on the front a blanket and sat down to enjoy the view. The whole sky was glowing green, the house a black silhouette in front of it all, then much to my surprise it got pretty spectacular. Not as good at the photos you see of it all, but you could see massive ribbons of green light rippling across the sky. It was pretty yellow and red at times also and really exciting! I also got a really good look at the "Arctic fox swishing it's tail", which is like white headlights swooshing across the sky. It even pulsed across the whole sky and I could imagine the the solar rays hitting our atmosphere and skimming across it's surface. It was truly a night to remember an worth every minute of the 3 hours I sat out in -10. I hope to see it again and we have talked about getting a tripod so we can take a long exposure photo......

Back to things of a more earthy nature! Our lovely WWOOFers had to leave because one of them had a job interview in Brussels and it is a long drive, but we hope they will be back at some point in the future! We managed to take off most of the panels on the back of the house and fix the doors on the second plastic tunnel as well as cook us a delicious cake (which I now have the recipe for!)

The builders are very nearly finished, just a half plank to go and we will have a floor! It is pretty warm in there already (not the same temperature as the outside!!!) and I can not wait to get the fires lit and start finishing off the walls!

Here they are making some plugs to fit in the holes they had to drill when lifting the house. The first one they are roughly shaping a piece of wood before it is hammered through the metal plate below.

Now they are finished!!! The last board went in, all the door frame bits were finished, all the tools cleared out and the last of the protective paper was laid down.....and then we lit the fires!!

Here are some before and afters...

And from the other way.....

And lighting the fires.....cosy!!

I was just looking at the weather site and they were saying that this time last year we were all having a heat wave!! It is very different this year, out my window is still pretty white and there is fresh white stuff falling from the sky and it is -8 .... Brrrr!! It was in the +20s last year! But at least the days are lighter!

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  1. Well what a difference! The builders appear to have done a very good job and you can now look forward to using your lovely new room - definitely for ballet classes! We can't wait to see it when we visit you. Let us know what you want us to bring out, or send out, when you are ready. It has been so exciting to have been able to see the photos and watch all the progress, plus your very descriptive experience of sitting outside in very cold temperatures and looking at the sky! It must have been wonderful. Just off shopping before the snow settles too much - not as exciting as your blog! Speak soon. Love Mum


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