Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pealing the......

I have set up the greenhouse a bit in an attempt to think that it was spring. I have put the table in which I have in every year and on top I put a mini plastic tunnel. Even though spring is late this year I have set up the thermometer so I can see what is going on and I have been really surprised.

The other day it was snowing, not completely dull, but pretty rubbish. It has warmed to -3° outside at 12.45 and there is a howling northerly wind and it feels really cold outside......but......inside the greenhouse it is 9°C and inside the little tunnel it is 14.5°C WOW!! I am going to redesign the tunnel to make it a bit bigger and put the onion and leek plants outside as I do not have enough window space inside any more  I will put a heat mat under them at night and cover the tunnel with a blanket to protect them a little more. I will closely monitor them!

So here are is the finished redesign and here is the pealing of onion the tunnel I do every morning...

Lots of micro-fleece piled on top and the planks I walk on in the green house leaned up to close the gap around the table edge:

Under the fleece are 2 blankets:

Then 4 layers of bubble wrap:

Then the plastic, builders plastic slightly blue (but blue light is good for leafy growth, not sure if it makes any difference???)

Finally you can see the hoops but there is still more! 4 layers of micro-fleece:

And there are the plants! Onions and leeks, 240 per tray, some have 3 or 5 seeds per plug and there are 4 trays....lots!!

Underneath the trays there is the reptile heat mat, then there's a layer of silver foil, then there is a few layers of bubble wrap. The table has double thickness planks of wood which all goes to keeping it remarkably warm as you can see it was -17°C outside and nearly +16°C inside the tunnel. The heat mat is only turned on at night and in the day I have to open the greenhouse as it is too warm!! On dull days I keep the heat mat turned off but keep the plastic down on the mini tunnel, even then it can become too warm. I am thinking of cutting some small closable holes in the plastic to help with ventilation, but I have not done it yet!

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