Friday, March 15, 2013


Well we have a WWOOFing family staying with us for a few days and they are all really nice. There is mum and dad and 4 year old and a baby of about 7 months. They come from Belgium and have been experiencing a Swedish winter for the past few months and helping out on a few farms.

Eino was very keen to help and he had fun picking off the flaking paint and plaster from the wall.....

Later we worked outside and I found him a little hammer and he happily helped us hammer out the nails......for hours!!

This is all of us working and even our old WWOOFer visited and helped. We have been working in the mornings in the plastic tunnels building the doors, then after lunch we have moved around to the sunny side of the house and continued to remove the planks from the side of the house. We will put up wind paper (to stop the wind driving through) then replace all the planks. You can even see the baby being entertained by lots of tall people up ladders and musical hammering! We thought it was really warm and you can see Nico up the ladder in only a t-shirt. Later we looked at the thermometer and it said the maximum for the day was 0!!!! It was much warmer in the sun!

The day before the visitors arrived the water tank decided to rupture......just when we need all of that lovely hot water.....typical timing.....The company who I bought the tank from has agreed to replace it which is great. I think that the pressure release valve failed.....

Then look carefully in this photo and you will see some other visitors....the first 2 swans flying north! Spring is just around the corner!!!1

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