Monday, April 8, 2013

Exposing The Wallpaper

Yesterday I felt far enough ahead on the garden to start picking off the wallpaper in the room with the new floor. Underneath the years of layers there is the original wallpaper, or pretty old paper anyway! Below waist level all the paper has been removed because we needed to check that there was no rot in the walls, which is a shame, but I think that we can put some tongue and groove over the lower section.

The picture above shows the layers. On the right, high up is the top layer on top of fibre board, then a layer of plastic, which has to be removed to improve the breath-ability of the wall. Then there is the sort of brown flying bird(?) layer, which has gold on it. 

Underneath the beige layer there are 2 more layers. You can just make them out on the picture below left. One is purple and the other is greeny. The picture on the right shows the gold on the beige wallpaper.

I have cleared the paper off the corner section exposing the old paper.

Here is a close up of the paper we will keep. I wonder how old it is? The wooden walls have been plastered with some strange white material, very organic, then a layer of thick paper has been nailed uo onto the wall and finally the wallpaper is added. It is not flat!!! It looks good though. I just need to order the tongue and groove now!

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