Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ham and potato

The other day we went to a party and I decided to make a ham to take with us. I have been putting it off thinking that it was difficult and I have to say it was incredibly easy to make a delicious ham. I chucked the large de-boned back leg into a very large pan of water, added onions, garlic lots of spices....cinnamon, cloves and some other ones which I have forgotten now! I boiled it for about 5 hours and then let it cool a bit and mixed up some of our home made birch sap syrup with some mustard powder and a little bit of dark sugar and pasted it over the de-skinned ham and popped it into the oven. It was delicious!!!

I have also been really busy in the greenhouse planting, potting on and getting ready for spring! I will do another post on all the plants which are everywhere, but today I finally dived into the earth cellar and picked out a good selection of the potatoes from last year to start chitting. I must do this a little earlier next year for some really early potatoes! They are all sitting in their egg boxes, labelled up, waiting for summer! I have King Edward, Flava, Amandine, Juliet  Cherie and another sort which I have forgotten. I got this mystery early sort from a friend and they were meant to be blight resistant. We planted them really late and I was impressed! They held off from the blight for much longer than the other sorts and gave the biggest potatoes! We did harvest them late and were pleased with the crop. I have put about 30 of that sort into the egg boxes. We hope for a lovely dryer summer this year, no blight....

In front there is a tray of parsnip seeds. I am trying out an idea which I heard about on gardeners question time and I think that I can use it over here. Parsnips need a long growing season and the ground is still well and truly frozen so I am germinating them inside a damp tea towel in a warm place then the idea is in a few weeks to re-pot them into the millions of old toilet rolls which I have been collecting. Then I can plant them out in the defrosted soil and they will burst through the toilet rolls and be fabulous parsnips......I can only but dream!!

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