Saturday, May 11, 2013

Party mania!

The summer is here.....well sort of, and we have gone to 2 parties in the last 2 weeks!! But the people who know us and Värmland will know that it is never that easy for us to do anything, we always turn it into an adventure!!!!

Party number one was 20km north of Arvika, which is a long way from here when you only have a bicycle for transport, so we jumped on a train with our panniers full of camping gear at 7 in the morning and got off just south of Sunne. We first started cycling along the edge of a lake on a track not marked on our map, but we guessed there must be one there because there were a few summer houses scattered along its edge. It was very pretty, despite the threatening weather!

 We did not have any maps for the trip after the first 10km but we downloaded some off the Internet and marked the route. Not the best planned trip, but lets go for it!!! It was on forest tracks of varying sizes, and as the day progressed it was on smaller and smaller tracks and we ended up making our way through the never ending forest!! Ice was still visible on this lake...

At least you can see this track, later we were battling through a maze of fallen trees, clambering through new tree growth, so dense that if you turned around you could not see where you had come from, past derelict farms buried in the forest not used for many years.

 We stopped by a lake for a quick lunch. Fenris the dog has her pulling harness on and she was a great help later on helping me heave my bike through the bog and over the trees!! Alexis found it much harder work not having a dog to help him!

 Following ski trails, the red cross marks the route....

 At the derelict house in the forest there was an old barn with trees growing though the middle.

And Fenris found some snow to play on! She rolled around, eating it and generally showing off her unlimited amounts of energy!

There was a lovely old gnarled tree stump.

At one point we came across a summer house, grass roofed and with a wind turbine whizzing away.

 When we got to the party location we ate some fantastic food, met lots of new people and ate this lovely fruit cake!

There were some interesting buildings at the farm we went to. This is a meeting room for their courses they run.

And from another view point.

Inside there was a lovely sky light.

And a tree growing through the middle!

The windows were old bus windows, hence their shape:

This is the hut we stayed in for the night....we must build some guest houses.......

The next day the sun came out and we did not fancy the 10 hour cycle ride home, and nor did Fenris as she still has her winter coat! So we cycled to Arvika, 20km away, and jumped on the train back to Lysvik. This night away was all made possible by our lovely neighbours William and Hannah, who looked after the animals and plants for the night and morning! Thank you!

Then last night we went to another party, friends, much nearer invited us over for supper. It is a long way by the road because you have to go through the forest around the lake, so we decided to borrow a boat and risk rowing across! We picked up our old WWOOFer who now lives in the village and suffered ,frozen feet as we pushed the boat out into the water. The dog jumped on board and I started to row with every intention to only row 1/3 of the way. But, we decided that it would be safer for me to keep rowing than to try and change places in the small boat. Thankfully there was no wind and it was very pleasant rowing our way across the lake!

We ate some of my pig and sheep which had been slow roasted in a fire pit under a pile of earth. It was lovely! We all chatted for a bit, they have lots of volunteers and friends staying at their place so it was great fun. Alexis decided to row on the way back. He sat down, facing the wrong way much to the amusement of Nico and myself and tried to row us back...... We did make it back, he turned around and zig-zaged across the lake. It was pretty dark by the time we were in the middle of the lake. There was another party going on at another summer house, fires dancing through the trees and terrible 70's music blaring's obviously party season!!!

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