Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tomato flower competition

Every year my Mum and I have discussions about the state of the tomato plants in our respective countries. This year my tomatoes have done well, despite the cold start to the year! I planted 2 batches of tomato seeds. One lot was quite early and this lot were planted in the one of the plastic tunnels inside another mini tunnel (see a previous post) and I noticed the other day that the third truss of flowers has started to open! We have quite large tomatoes further down the plant, still green, but they are looking good. We beat you Mum!! And here's the proof..

Tomatoes by midsummer....?!!?

We have had some lovely weather over the past few weeks. Much much warmer than England which on the weather forecast looks rather miserable! We have had sunny days of over 25 degrees Celsius which has really pushed the tomatoes on and lots of other things in the garden. We have had some WWOOFing help and we have managed to plant, dig, seed many things......

The asparagus made it through the winter!

 Beans and peas doing well:

A wobbly picture of the brassica patch:

Leeks and spring onions, with parsnips and shallots in the background:

Cauliflowers, climbing French beans and flowering broad beans in the plastic tunnel:

The first tiny courgette in the tunnel:

Courgettes and salads in the tunnel:

The shallots dividing:

Plants need to be planted at different distances apart and I always forget so this year I made some much better measuring sticks. I have used a simple one in the past mainly for the cabbage family which have to be planted pretty wide, but this year I am super organised! I even have a really long one for planting potatoes, early potatoes on one side and lates on the other!

They were very useful when planting out the onions and carrots. The white net was meant to keep the birds away from the spring wheat. It failed!

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  1. Well your photos do look quite impressive and your tomato plants do seem to be doing well. I have been trying to encourage you, because that is what a mother should do, but I think now is the time to tell you that we have actually been having red tomato salads for some weeks now! I am sure you will catch up! All the other vegetables are much better than ours! See you soon. Love Mum


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