Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bender building

We have constructed the first bender in the bender city down on the campsite down by the river. These are to house our WWOOFers. First we went to the woods and cut some springy saplings and dragged them back. Traditionally you would cut some hazel, but there is none around here! We made a hole in the ground with a metal spike and pushed the poles in to the hole.

Then you bend them over and tie them down.

You make a ridge pole and some others weaved in around the sides along with a door:

We threw over some old curtains (for decoration) then pulled over the lovely canvas tarpaulin:

I went to the saw mill in the village with my bike and collected some of the bark outside bits that is waste when you saw up trees into timber. I strapped about 4 pieces (it depends how heavy they are!) to my bike and pushed it home, two loads!

We fixed the wood around the bottom of the bender to provide a fixing place for the tarpaulin. In the past when I have had benders the tarpaulin has rotted where it has been in contact with the ground so I am hoping that this will be an improvement. It also gave us a place to staple the builders plastic groundsheet to making a better seal around the edges. This picture is from the hill looking down to the first tent, you can't quite see the river in the background!

We fitted 2 windows to give some natural light:

And the view out of the window looking up towards the lane and farm!

We have put a mosquito net up in the tent and they look really cosy. They are massive! There is enough space to sleep 4 people and to stand up in them!!! We are looking into putting in a stove for autumn use as we have a WWOOFer coming in the autumn. We have also built a fire place outside and are about to build a compost toilet, a kitchen area and some steps down to the site. By the end of the summer we will also have built a sauna with a dipping pool in the river! Luxury!

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