Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Using wood, preparing wood!

The family was here last week and like a whirlwind the room next door was transformed into a nearly usable room! We panelled away and the walls were done! The next job is to seal the floor which we hope to do in the next few days so we can have a usable room! On the last night the family was here we has our first meal in the room and Andrea decorated the room wonderfully with what ever came to hand!

Down at the saw mill in the village they have started to prepare our timber. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful resource on our doorstep. Timber was cut from our forest by two competent chainsaw users as the trees were pretty big and we are pretty crap with a chain saw! It has been stored at the saw mill for about a month and the picture below shows it being loaded onto the skids so it can be rolled onto the saw bed. We have about 40X5m trunks ready to prepare!

The first piece of wood is clamped to the saw bed:

Then the saw is programmed and off it goes! The saw blade does the moving on a framework which rolls along the sides of the bed.

A flat surface!

The first planks ready for the next saw which cuts off the outer sides.

The trunk on the first saw is turned over and the bark is cut off before another plank is made:

Then it is rolled over again and the process is repeated:

And there's the plank coming off!

Finally the final side is prepared;

Then the square in the middle is cut into 2 or 3 larger beams:

The dog did not find it as interesting as me:

The planks with the bark on both sides goes onto another saw and both sides are cut off at the same time:

2 bits of wood have now been converted into timber and this is what it looks like. There are blanks and beams of different sizes, the bark off cuts on the right:

And another pile of bark off cuts:

We are going to have a wonderfully large pile of timber to do many jobs, for many years!!

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