Sunday, August 11, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas......I am really!!

Well Christmas seems a long way away, but I am planning for the festive season.....

I have 2 bottles of raspberry and 2 bottles of blackcurrant vodka liqueur and the great thing is that Alexis does not like it so it is all for me!!!!! I mix berries and sugar with some vodka, shake everyday and wait a minimum of 3 months. You are meant to wait for a year but I am not sure it will last that long unless I make some more!! It looks very pretty and over time it will take on the colour of the berries. You can use the berries afterwards with some ice cream or even in some mince meat for Christmas  The English Christmas mince is sweet, packed full of fruits and is delicious in pies or stuffed into apples then baked....yum!

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