Sunday, August 25, 2013

Luxury Toilet!

When the Dutch girls were here they built a fabulous earth toilet down in the camping field and it deserves a separate post. Here is the toilet, it covers a large hole:

This is the door which they made with all the off-cuts:

The toilet itself...... It is pretty high so you feel like a little kid again sitting on it flapping your legs!!

There is a shelf and candle holder for the darker days to come!

The toilet roll holder:

The top is pretty cool, they cut up some old vinyl flooring and put it underneath to ensure that no rain would come through, they then put wood over and stuffed it with moss:

Looking up from the doorway...

A poo with a view.......!!! Thank you my toilet toilers..... Marleen and Aafke......master toilet builders from the Netherlands.....

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