Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sheds, TV, Radio, open garden and more!

Well it has been an eventful few weeks, where do I start! This is a very long post, sorry but I have tried to keep the text short. Click on the button below to look at the full post!

We have had many WWOOFers so lots of jobs have been done, we have built a wood shed. We took the bike to the forest and cut down some small spruce trees and then the bark had to be taken off:

The wood pile is massive, so this is why we had to build a new shed!

Only the roof to build.......and the sides........With the wood all chopped up into small pieces and stacked up to dry there is a great space for our bikes so they do not have to live outside all of the time.

We had an open garden a few weeks ago and our lovely Danish neighbours and their volunteers and friends came over to give a helping hand with fence building, weeding, tidying up and building a tipi so we could put the coffee and cakes in there just in case it rained. It looked great and between 50 and 100 people came.....It was difficult to count them all as they came in small groups! I gave guided tours and I think many people enjoyed it. We would not have been so relaxed on the day if it was not for all the people coming over to help us the day before! This area has been great for eating supper and having parties!!

The radio came to the village and did an outside broadcast from the stage and seating area in the village. I was terrified and all my Swedish was forgotten with all my nerves..... They interviewed many people in the village and William played various instruments.

We had a media packed week that week as our Danish friends came around with a film crew for Danish TV! They came around with Andrea and filmed her picking up her glass canning jars and also filmed her asking me questions about the earth cellar. I think we may have about 2 minutes on Danish TV at some point!

We also made hay whilst the sun shined! (and it still shines!) We have collected one lot from the field after it has been turned, then another lot we have done on traditional hay ricks. A neighbour also asked us if we wanted 2 more loads of hay, yes please! I am not sure if we have enough yet, but we must be getting close! Then we then heard about another 3 small fields which we turned by hand. I am still not sure if we have enough yet....

The very hot weather that we have had this summer has made it possible to mess around in the river....the dog too!

 Plunge pool filled with bubbles from the river....not soap!

We have spent many days processing vegetables for the winter. Here we are preserving beans, peas an tomatoes.

We have had a mountain of cauliflowers, this is the third lot we have cut!

Bonno with a big fennel!

Our Dutch WWOOFers went off on a short cycle tour and bumped into friends who they have not seen for 8 years.....They live in the next door village....It's a small world!

The Duch girls made a wonderful toilet in the camping field (I will post some more photos later!)
Here are the WWOOFers all squeezed in it!

The compost bins have been finished and filled with the emptied cow shed and chicken house.

When we turned the compost we found many snake eggs which we carefully covered up again. 

After a few drinks the other night a chess competition was declared for 12 noon the next day. Only one chess board or pieces, so I made one! We took it to a local gallery which was having some music playing outside that afternoon. We spent a relaxing afternoon listening to jazz and playing or watching the chess!!

A close up of the pieces! Pretty rough, but they worked!!!

The garden has been growing like crazy. Here are the carrots and onions. If you are looking Maddy, these are the ones which we thought had all been killed by the weeds. It took us days to weed the patch and I am pleased with what is there, although we probably still not have large onions, but if the weather keeps going with the sun and occasional thunder storm, we may just get some!

You can just make out the onions swelling amongst the weeds! The weeds will be gone tomorrow! I have not quite mastered growing onions from seed in this climate, but this year it is looking good!

The sweet corn is doiong well.

Inside the pepper house (sounds really grand!)

Vegetables everywhere.....

Salad and beans and peas:

Pumpkins, potatoes and sweet corn:

Cabbages everywhere!

4 different sorts of kale!

The shallot and onion beds are already mulched over with a thick layer of sheep manure. The ground is very sandy here and I need to improve it somewhat:

Potato seeds! I am saving the seeds and I will plant them next year as a new experiment. We have a few patches of self seeded potatoes around the place....

More pumpkins and the house in the background:

Last year I grew chick peas in the green house. It was too damp for them there so this year they are outside, the peas are forming.....I wonder if they will have time to mature? Next year I will plant in modules first so they get a head start!

A Swedish variety of soya beans are ripening well!

The Cannaloni beans are looking sad, but I will do a post very soon on what I am doing with them....

Red ribbon means don't pick, they are the seeds for next year!

The tomato house is doing well.

The experimental pasta tomatoes are starting to ripen.

And a different sort of pasta tomato:

The outdoor tomatoes are recovering well after being in their pots too long:

We have chicks galore (6 mothers!) They are all in pens due to the large number of birds of prey we have around here, the chicks are bite size....

The sunfower patch is starting to flower, a little late, but we will see what happens. I planted black sunflower seeds from the bird feed!

I am sorry it is so long, I will try to do some shorter blog posts now that I have caught up with a lot of news and the goings on at the farm!

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  1. Hello hello hello from sunny england! Great to have an update on life at Jonsarna. I can't quite believe how much the garden has GROWN, it looks fantastic! I'm really jealous, that kale looks delicious. Actually, all of it looks delicious. And there are carrots, hooray! You've certainly been busy what with the hay making and plunge pool and new woodshed & toilet... I'm going to have to come back and inspect all of these new developments! I've been back in the UK for about a fortnight now, having a bit of reverse culture shock but at least it's nice to be by the sea and in a place with plentiful and cheap cider ;) Enjoy the rest of the summer! xx


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