Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vegetables, planes and eggs....and a snake!

We have had a wonderful summer......and it is still great!! The garden has been producing on the whole lots of vegetables. There has been some failures and disappointments as there always is when you garden, but we have eaten well and we have lots of food for the winter! This year I have had a dedicated tomato tunnel and we have tried some new varieties. Stupice has been a success as it always is producing early tomatoes but I also tried some pasta and plum tomatoes which are a bit slow, but this maybe because I was a little late planting some of them as the seed company lost my order. The ones that have ripened have been great and I hope that we will be able to make lots more pasta sauce without all the liquid which is produced when you bottle Stupice. This picture shows some of them:

I went on a flying (!) visit to England the other day and took the tiny plane from Torsby to Stockholm. This is the smallest plane which I have ever been on! I was the only one on board so I had my own private jet which is a bit of a waste of money and fuel and makes it an even bigger burden on the environment.... Thank goodness that I do not do things like this too often.

It was however really great to fly near our place and see the plastic tunnels in the distance, I am sure I could have shouted out "right a bit!!" I could make out lots of the lakes we know, but the pictures I took are just too shaky.

This year I have grown aubergines and I think I may have left these too long on the plant (according to the books) as they have lost their sheen, however they taste good to me!! They are called long purple. I only have 2 plants and I think that I should harvest about the same again, but maybe not so big! These were about 30cm long, or longer!!

We have dried all of the above photo:

My chickens have been a bit of a disappointment this year and have not been producing as many eggs as I would have hoped for. I am going to review what I am feeding them. I made the most of a bit of a glut the other day and whisked them up and froze some. 4 nuggets = 1 egg. Next time I will freeze some eggs in their shells as it will be less plastic! The shells will pop, but if I clean them first and then put them in a cup, all the insides will be saved and clean! Our eggs are lovely and yellow as this is also all the whites.

I was watering the baby strawberries and came across a silly snake. It had tried to go through the bird netting and got stuck. It was fatter than it thought. It was about 80cm long. It is a grass snake and a valuable ally in the garden so armed with a pair of scissors, a stick and gloves I got it out. I was brave touching it, however I do not think I would have been so brave if it had been an adder!!!!

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