Friday, September 13, 2013

Colourful vegetables!

It is a very busy time at the moment, the frost is going to come soon and I am desperately trying to preserve as many vegetables as I can at the moment and they are a really pretty batch just now!
Here is a box load of leaf beets which I lightly steamed and bottled in the pressure canner. It made 5 1/2 litre jars in the end which was more than I thought it would make as it shrinks a lot when it is cooked. We are also growing fodder beet and sugar beet this year and we have been eating lots of the leaves, although they are not as pretty as the ones below!

I also picked a basket load of peppers and mild chilli peppers and dried them all ready for winter use

Here they are drying on the dryer. I have used some baking paper to line the trays as they get really small when they dry and fall through the gaps on the trays! I think it must slow the drying time down a lot as they take ages to dry. (I'm sorry there is a strange rotation on the image!)

Some of the peppers are really big, the pen gives an idea of size.

This year I have grown tomatillos which is a first for me. I really just abused them  for the whole summer. I shoved 4 plants into the ground inside the open ended plastic tunnel and left them to fend for themselves. They were planted through black plastic and only got a watering (a good watering) when they were planted and only once again did they drink! I did not tie them up and they sort of flopped over the floor as they are pretty big plants and competed with a couple of butternut squashes in the tunnel and still have given me a good crop. This is just the first cropping, there are loads more which should be ready in a week or so! I will make traditional Mexican salsa with them and will start the marathon cutting up today!
I think next year I will look after the plants a bit better, I will probably train them up a load of horizontal wires as it will be a lot easier to walk into the tunnel and pick them!! Let me see how good the salsa is before I plan next year!

This is a photo of my colourful produce of the last few days. Starting on the front right.....dried peppers, then to their left lemon marrow curd, which tastes just like lemon curd and has fantastic texture, then canned sweetcorn and behind is the bowl of pealed and washed tomatillos. They have a papery outside and they are really sticky!

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