Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Market madness!

We only do one market a year, not for money, but to get out and meet people. What money we do make goes into our non profit seed bank which will pays for the seeds and compost for next years harvest so that we can eat for free (If you discount all of the hours and hours of work which we put in!)

Underneath all the large pumpkin leaves there was quite an assortment of pumpkins! They all look lovely when they are on mass! We did not sell so many, and our windowsills now look wonderful and harvest festively!  Now we have an extra room, there are more windowsills to fill....hurrah!

A lot of these are ornamental pumpkins but there are also lots which you can eat, and this year I was really pleased with the number of people who came up asking for the best pumpkin to eat as in previous years not many people had tasted it before. I would rather sell food and encourage people to try new things to eat.

In the photo below I asked Alexis to smile......would you buy a pumpkin off this man!!??!!

There was also some dancing this year and some dog agility to drag the crowds away from buying pumpkins, but it was entertaining for the crowds!

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