Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nectarine and redcurrant wine!

Last year I made some redcurrant and nectarine wine and finally today I bottled it! I have racked it off a few times and now it is lovely and clear. There was still a bit of sediment in the demijohns, but it looks wonderfully clear in the bottles. During the syphoning process you get a chance to taste it....a perk....and I think it tastes rather good! It should be ready for Christmas but we may not wait that long to have a sneak preview! From 2 demijohns we have 12 good bottles and one bottle which sucked up a bit of sediment as I was hoping that it would just fill the bottle...we'll have to drink that one first, maybe tonight!!! It is a lovely rose, pink sort of colour, but you can not see it in the dark bottles!!!

This is how I label them as any glued on labels would fall off in the damp earth cellar.....NW = Nectarine and Redcurrant......13 = bottled in 2013..... 1 =  batch number 1
Thank goodness we have an earth side is reserved for beer and wine! Now I only have to bottle the other 4 demijohns of blackcurrant wine..... LOTS of wine......!! I think that I need more bottles as that will be around 26 more bottles of wine!!

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