Monday, September 16, 2013

An extra grand room!

Our house has nearly doubled in size! Although the room is not finished we have started to use it!! Our neighbours gave us the green sofa and arm chair and I splashed out and bought the stripy one at a "loppis" which are sort of garage sales which last the whole summer!
The floor in this room has been non-existent since we moved in nearly 5 years ago so plenty of dust has landed on the "over the top" kakelugn (masonry stove) fireplace which dominates this room. It is incredibly efficient. The way these type of fires work draws the smoke up to the top then it gets sucked down the sides of the fire before going back up again at the back. This warms all the masonry so that it holds the heat and radiates it out throughout the night. The little arm stuck out at the top is the damper. You shut it down completely when the fire is out to stop the air sucking through the chimneys taking all the heat away.

The gold bits on the stove look really cheap and tacky to us..... it is really ornate and all the bits are in relief so it is a nightmare to dust!!! It is looking much better now I have cleaned off most of it. I am almost starting to like it....!! Actually I like it because it is so crazy! Everyone tells us it is worth a fortune. One man said it was almost worth more than the house....!!!

There is no electricity in that room and we have decided to keep it that way. We found this carved (you can not see it!) reindeer antler candle stick holder, and it seems to go well in this crazy room!

The fire at night looks lovely. I think it is designed for candle light as all the gold bits twinkle and it looks very cosy.  I forgot how much I have missed an open fire in the house! We are going to go through a lot of wood now!!!

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  1. The sofas look really smart -- and look as though they are comfortable. With your skills I am sure you could re-cover them - in your spare time. The produce looks terrific. -- enjoy



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