Monday, October 21, 2013

Dog food

A slab of elk meat from the scrap pile from the hunting lodge. One of many. What a waste.....but not any more it is now chopped up and is Fenris's dinner.

I have chopped up each bit into chunks. I am not sure how much to give her but I will mix it with bran and flour from the mill in the village along with some seaweed and some grated carrot etc. and see how it goes. If she gets  too fat, I will reduce the amount I feed her. I plan to give only 6 days of meat maximum. She gets lots of bread and other food scrapings. As long as she does not have the shop bought dog food which is really poor quality. This is much better for her digestive system although it smells a bit at the other end!

I also picked up an elks liver. This is a 4kg monster. This is to make dog treats so that we can train Fenris to do tricks like skate boarding....!!!! No, not skate boarding, but some other tricks and we can then reward her with some healthy treats.
The photos below shows the liver all chopped up into small pieces and placed on the dryer. Did it ever stink and it took ages to dry. Some of the chunks are pretty big, but it shrinks quite a lot when it dries. I am not looking forward to cleaning the trays, they are pretty grim!!!

Finally the chunks of meat are packed 3 per bag and here they all are ready to be frozen. We have about 7 months of quality food for the dog. Lucky her!

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