Monday, October 28, 2013

Dry rendering leaf lard

Inside the pig carcass there is a layer of fat which when rendered down makes excellent baking fat. I am using the dry method here, but there is a method you can use by boiling the fat in water then skimming off the fat from the surface. This apparently makes even cleaner, taste and smell free fat. Maybe I will do this the next time but this is the way which I have been using over the past few years and it is ok.
This photo is out of focus (sorry!) but shows the fat as it comes out of the pig. I froze this as I did not have time to process it earlier.

As the solid fat starts to boil it releases it's fat. I think maybe that I over heated it a bit and perhaps I could have heated it a little slower.

The photo below shows that the solid lumps are getting smaller and the amount of liquid fat is getting greater!

Before I have poured this liquid into clean jam jars, but this time I thought I would try something different. I put it into a clean bread tin and left it to cool. The solid lumps of fat are pork scratchings I think(?) like the cheap ones you buy in the pub in England. But I am not sure!

When it cools it goes white. I have lard! I scored it and put it in the freezer and later I will take it out, heat it very quickly on the outside and it should slide out and then I can freeze it in lumps. I am not sure if you could keep it in a fridge, but we do not have one so it is not an option!! I seem to remember that maybe if I had taken the fat away earlier I would have got really white, clean fat. It still is pretty good. I can not wait to make a what shall I make....???!

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  1. Pork scratchings are the skin i think, quite often still have hair on them :p YUM!


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