Monday, October 14, 2013

Harvesting the tunnels and off to England..

Whilst riding to work on his motorbike, my son, Eli, had a Landrover and trailer pull out in front of him and stop in panic when the driver saw Eli coming on his bike. Eli was in hospital with a multitude of injuries so I decided to go back to England to see how he was doing. Before I left I had to clear the tunnels and the photo above shows some of the tomatoes and peppers I picked.

In one of the tunnels I planted 3 butter nut squash plants and for the first year they have fruited! They are massive plants and took up most of the space. What little space was left was taken up by the tomatillo plants. Next year I will tie up the tomatillos and make more of the salsa verde, a flavour which is growing on us!

Back in England I stayed with my old friend Ian on his farm. He lent me a bike so I could cycle the 5 km to Eli's caravan. Here is my son unable to smile properly as his jaw is wired up. I cooked him some some well chopped up food so he could have a chance of eating it! It was good to see him!

At Eli's caravan the friendly cockerel there pops in to say hello!

Back on Ian's farm he has some pigs which are about to go for slaughter...

He keeps about 20 table birds which he fattens up and eats...

 He keeps ferrets and polecats, they are difficult to take a photo off as they move so quickly!

Ian also has a polytunnel and a couple of productive veg patches which for some reason I did not take any photos of...?! I was able to catch up with a few friends back in England which was good fun. I did however come back with a rotten cold which has knocked me out for over a week.....

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  1. All that dirty infectious English air! cheers for coming over mum, was lovely to see you


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