Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pub.....almost!!! And rain....at last!!!

Recently some "after works" have been organised in the village which happen once a month. We missed the last one but made it last Friday.  We took the chess board, some beers and there were lots of people there. There was bread (the local bakery's bread) cheese and salami to nibble at, coffee and people took their own beers. There were kids there and a really good turn out from the village! Everyone was talking and having fun! Not quite a pub, but nearly!!

Finally we have had some rain. We still need some more, the river is very low but it was actually quite a novelty to get wet when walking the dog......not sure how long it will be a novelty!!

I love all the lichens and the mosses. They can look so alien. This was on the edge of an old muck spreader which is located not far from here on an old abandoned farm. The farm house has long gone, but there are a few of the sheds still there and a pile of old machinery rotting away.

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