Thursday, October 31, 2013

The garden is still going!

We had some frost earlier on, it went down to -6 but it has warmed up a bit so things are still going in the garden. Above are the sugar beets and some self sewn parsnips in the foreground. We hope to make some sugar in the next few should be interesting, maybe even a complete failure ! But I would like to try.

Below is  the fodder beet which I grew for the first time this year and it has been pretty good, despite the late sewing. I have been feeding the leaves to the sheep (and we can eat them!) and later I will dig them all up and store them in the earth cellar and chop the roots and feed them to the sheep, a little at a time.

The turnips and swedes have taken a hit from the chickens, but only the leaves. I will get them into the earth cellar in the next few days.

We still have some leeks and parsnips...

In the tunnel we still have some leaf beet, salad leaves, pac choi, spring onions. I think I could have been more organised and planted even more winter stuff. But it is my first year with a year it will be better!

The cabbage family are doing great! Fantastic in fact!!!

I dug up the last of the carrots the other day, along with some swedes. These seeds came from the Nordic gene bank. I will save all these carefully in the earth cellar then replant them next spring so I can save the seeds.

The broccoli family are looking a little sorry for themselves now, but there are a few heads left. I missed a few and they went to seed. I quite like the flower spikes however!!!
The colder weather will come soon, but it is great that we have so much still standing in the garden.

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