Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Winter's coming and a carrot mountain!

In the last few days I have been digging up the carrots and packing them ready for future use. I am so glad that I have an earth cellar, I can not imagine life without one now!! I have a couple of sacks of peat  which I use from year to year. This is not the best thing to use as far as the environment is concerned and I would like to try something else in the future. I have tried saw dust with not such good results. I would like to go up to the village sand pit (a big sand bank out in the forest) and bring home a few sacks to give it a go. Next year.....

First I put a layer of peat on the bottom then I build up layers of carrots, then put a layer of peat over.....and continue until I get to the top where I finish with a layer of peat.

I am using a paper box as I want to use these carrots first as they are not really meant for long term storage. Usually I use wooden boxes. Below shows the next lot of carrots ready for packing.....and there was still a few rows left in the ground! We will be ok for carrots this winter, and spring, and early summer! I always plant a few short rows of carrots in the tunnel or greenhouse as these just give me enough to last over the summer when the stored carrots are finished. I grew the carrots in the photos in an area vacated by the piggies. It was quite a job to get the area ready for planting, then the weeds came in force.....but we do have carrots, and pretty big ones!!! We plan to use all the rejects, damaged or wormy ones in the dehydrator and store them that way.

The yellow carrots packed in a wooden crate. These are a variety called Yellowstone and we really like them. They are reliably large and tasty!
I also picked the last of the beetroot and packed them in peat also. The small bucket of cylindrical ones I will bottle. 

Winter weather is on the way..... but it will probably change......

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