Friday, October 18, 2013

Working for your dinner.....

This photo shows the dog, Fenris, literally working for her dinner as she is pulling a loaded wheelbarrow of Elk feet, off cuts,  lungs, liver and legs we collected from the hunting lodge in the village. She makes a big difference although to start with I am not sure she wanted to be in front of the wheelbarrow....rather in it!! I am going to chop it all up into dog dinner sized pieces and freeze it. I am desperate to get her off the rubbish dog food which you can buy from the shops. Even the expensive stuff is terrible stuff. 
It is Elk hunting season and this week is the peak and they have killed many Elks. Huge beasts.

This was just some of the legs which were stacked up. Notice the wet stuff coming out of the down pipe.....It is raining, something we are in desperate need of. I know of 3 people in the area who have run out of water in their wells. We need rain this autumn before the ground freezes and the snow comes or it will be a tough winter for many people...

This is the trailer load of "waste". I am sure in days gone by they did not waste so much. I know that the old man who used to live next door used to scrape all the bones clean for his dog.
There are lots of elk flies at the moment. Horrible things which crash land into you, then with their feet they scrape their wings off, then scuttle through your hair....ahhhh yuck! On this pile of bits there were lots of them but they could only scuttle around as they had no wings!

When we got home the chickens and ducks had a feast on the lungs. It is pretty tough for them when it is fresh, and later on I boiled it up. It is better they eat it quickly than the magpies get it all!!

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