Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Curtain decisions

I bought this material over the internet the other day and I really like them all! Now I have to make a decision! I don't normally buy new material but I have been looking for a while in the second hand shops for red material and I have had no luck. It also does not help that I don't go very often to the shops so I miss all the good stuff! I use woollen blankets to line them to make it extra warm and massively more effective.
I then took them into the other room and pinned them up at the windows to get an idea. We preferred the one on the left when it was laid out on the table, but then the one on the right looked better when it was in place!

The paler one looks quite good for the wide gap between the rooms and at the moment I am thinking of doing a large panel of the paler one and sewing a half panel of the red one that we like.....or should I do it all the same...?!!!???!!! Ahhhhhhh decisions, decisions!

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