Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tomato and long will they last????

My poor tomatoes, I saved them from the freezing conditions of the greenhouse and then forgot about them.... no water, with not much sun in the cool temperatures of the back room. They were covered with dead leaves and looked rather desperate. Oops! I picked off all the dead leaves and gave them a good water with some of the liquid seaweed "tea" I make from my dried and ground up seaweed and they are already looking better!

There are even some flowers forming! These plants are a variety called Red Robin and are a miniature bush sort. I have never grown them before and overall I have been really pleased with them. They really are a small, compact plant and the tomatoes are very sweet indeed! They are renowned for being a variety that can set fruit in low light conditions, so we will see what happens over the next few weeks. I will definitely be growing them next year based on their success so far.....if we get fruit in November, then WOW! I also liked them because they are so small that I could fit them in pretty large pots for their size and have them on a narrow shelf in the greenhouse. This maximised the vertical space in the greenhouse as they grew over the aubergine and pepper plants.

In the back room there are a few pepper and chilli plants which I planted in pots in the greenhouse with the specific purpose of trying to save the plants over winter. Normally out of 6 plants I get 2 plants which make it and produce very, very early flowers in the spring. I actually planted more than I needed into pots so I could save the best of the crop for over wintering. Now we have some extra room in the house and I hope we can save even more! They can look really poor after the winter with leaves falling off and dead bits forming, but the root system is still intact and they go crazy in the spring! I do not water them much over the winter, almost putting them into hibernation. Fingers crossed some will make it this winter!

I got given a small chilli pepper plant by a friend across the valley and again I forgot about it for a bit, it then got red spider mite and I spent about half an hour with a head torch squashing the mites and rubbing the leaves with seaweed tea over a few days. It is looking much better now and is producing flowers! I am saving the fruits on the top for seed as this is a chilli with a kick and I do not have this variety! It will also be fun to see if I can get fruit at this time of the year. I am using a chicken feather to pollinate the flowers which I keep in the pot to make sure that I have a pollen loaded feather at hand!

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