Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fairies hovering.......

Nico, our ex wwoofer who never left the village  after staying with us, and I were taking down the tarpaulins which covered the bender tents which housed the wwoofers in the summer, and there, hung in the tree was a beautiful fairy. It was, I am guessing, made by the Dutch mother and daughter wwoofers who stayed with us for a month in the summer. It was a wonderful find. They have made it beautifully, woven grasses and rush leaves along with twigs. The trees without their leaves have bought her to life!

The bender tents look naked now. The tarps are hung up in the barn to dry and we have since taken down the last of the material which you can see is over the tops of the frame. They have all been washed and folded ready for next years use.

It has been pretty mild here so far. We have been getting a few frosts, you can see some in this photo, but next week looks like it will be changing for much colder and finally some snow. This brings all sorts of pressure, but I quite like it as it gives me a kick up the backside to get everything ready before the snow comes.
The screen shot below shows that not very many above freezing days coming up.....this often changes, but I like the pressure, although I am pretty tired, the cold weather will mean a nice rest, lots of cooking, tidying......but then again there is all that wood to cut in the forest, some panelling to finish on the wood shed, the sauna to finish...........and the list goes on!!!!

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