Friday, November 22, 2013

Preparing for winter

It has finally got cold and I thought that it was about time that I bought in all of the cabbages. This photo is just one load, we have had a really good year! I dig them up roots with a bit of dirt and store them upright in the earth cellar. They tend to go a bit slimy on the top leaves, but they are fine underneath and in fact they keep better for being a little moister!
This is the other wheel barrow load, and if you look carefully you will see a small box of matches on top of one of the fabulous red cabbages to give you an idea of size.... That is a lot of cabbage!!!

Before the hard frosts set in (there has been no above freezing days for a while now) I made the most of the water from the river and turned into an old washer woman! I washed and scrubbed everything I could find, buckets, trays, chicken feeders, water butts, large cooking pans, wheelbarrows etc.... The water has also been plugged into the washing machine so for a few days it has been churning away washing rugs, blankets, bedding and clothes. I also had to sort out the many hosepipes that we have by draining them out of water then curling them up and hanging them on the side of the barn. At this time of year I am thinking about what is laying on the ground so that when the snow comes it is not hidden and lost or in the way for when I am snow clearing! It was -9 this morning and the warmest it got to today was -3, but it was lovely and sunny so it felt warm(er!) as we have been working outside all day. It is now nearly 5pm and it is going to be a chilly night as it is already -7.....!! We sleep with our window wide open!!!! We are tough!

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