Sunday, December 8, 2013

Camera fun......

I saw a tutorial on the internet about taking photos of the stars, so Fionn the WWOOFer and I delved into the manual settings of our cameras. Neither camera is like the all singing and dancing cameras on the tutorial but we had a go anyway.

We changed the aperture, the exposure time, set the timer, tried to take off the auto focus and went outside into the -11 snowy weather and balanced our cameras on top of bits of wood and snow free plastic pots and pointed them up towards the sky. The camera can pick up many more stars than what we can see with our eyes, and it sort of worked! I still need to go through the rest of the tutorials to work out how to sharpen them up a bit, ok a lot!!. I think it is because I could not set the manual focus. But it was fun to trying to take pictures of the sky.

I took a photo towards the flashing tree lights that we have and it looks like a burning fire!

Below are some links to the guy's photos where you can see what you can achieve when you know what you are doing!!!!

This is the site which started us has a tutorial at the bottom.

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