Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Finally we have a working sauna and it is great! After a hard afternoon dog sledding yesterday it was wonderful to christen the sauna! We put too much wood in it and had to resort to opening the door!!! We are very glad that we invested the little extra into buying a glass fronted  stove as this provides all the light and looks lovely at the same time. 
It has been a long process building the sauna. I started it at the end of summer, and although it is working it is far from being finished. I want to clad it in more natural timber, build an upper platform for summer sleeping, build a small bench and table on the veranda and steps down to the river. I also have to support the front of the veranda with some more legs but that will be next year. I think that the priority is to build the fence around the veranda as it is difficult to see the edge when you come out of the sauna....the combination of feeling dizzy and a unseen drop is not a good combination!!
The sauna itself has a crazy roof, massive in fact. This will not look so massive when all the cladding has been put on. It is also meant to be a similar steep angle to the camper's toilet roof which is near the sauna.
There is now a hand rail down to the edge of the river to where the sauna is located to cope with snow and ice which we have already had to use with the recent snowfall.

Here you can see the verandas, the main one is in the distance which will have a small table and chairs fitted and the lighter floor is going to be a small changing room.

You can see the door to the sauna here and the river to the right:

Inside the sauna.....looking good!!

This is the sauna stove and water heater which is heated by the chimney. It is wonderful that the stove has a glass front and you can see the fire and it lights up the sauna meaning there is no need for lighting.

When the door is open this is what it looks like:

The window into the sauna will have a seat underneath it so you can sit and look up the river.

The patchwork roof made from metal sheets which came off a house in the village. Under this side of the roof will be the storage area for the wood.

It seems a long time ago that there was just a pile of wood and Bonno mastering the saw and hammer....

And the framework and green trees and grass....

 And the plunge pool had water not ice!

And Mick helping to build the roof with giant sized poles cut from the forest...

And recently Hamish and Fionn who helped make the verandas, benches and fix the stove pipe..... Thank you to all our helpers who helped to make this pure luxury project!!! 

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