Friday, December 6, 2013


Yesterday we finally got some decent snow! We were working down in the forest again and had started earlier than we normally do, 8am, so that we could beat the snow. It took us an hour to finish stacking up the wood and just as we were moving the final log, the snow started!
We have now cleared one part of our forest where there were some really big trees which are pretty heavy when chopped up into 3m lengths.

Fortunately we had a crack team of workers, and here they all are after just beating the snow and happy to be out in the forest in the first of the snow of the year!

Whilst in the forest we collected up some pine branches to lay around the Brussel sprouts as I hope they will make it through the winter and produce seeds as they are of an old Norwegian sort.

In the afternoon we did some inside jobs and one of them was digging out the pumpkin seeds which I specifically grow for edible seeds. They have very little seed casing around them so that you can eat them easily without shelling them. I found an old frame in the actic, maybe for fly screens for the windows, and nailed some fly screen material onto it and spread out the washed seeds.

I then rigged up 2 sticks to span the gap above the stove and slot the frame in place. It worked really well and we have a good pile of seeds to put on bread, or, Alexis makes some lovely pumpkin seed pasta....or just eat them as they are!! The chickens love the shells of the pumpkins. As the pumpkins only have a circle cut out of the top they can lean in and peck the pumpkin keeping the flesh clean. This keeps them occupied for ages!

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