Monday, June 9, 2014

Red tomatoes..... I beat you again Mum!!

We picked our first tomato this year on the 1st June which was wonderfully early! Sorry Mum, left you at the starting gate this year!!!........ but did I cheat???!!!......

The photo above shows the miniature bush plants on the windowsill in the greenhouse, there are four of the early plants which have clusters of good tasting tomatoes. The variety is Red Robin, a variety which according to the seed catalogue can set fruit at low light levels.... but they are not this years tomatoes.... does that count in the competition?!?

Earlier this year one tomato plant had made it through the winter. More would have made it if I had not forgotten about them, but one was hanging in there.... just! There was a bit of rot moving through the stem so I thought that I would try and save it before it died. I cut the stem up into 5 sections and popped them into some compost. No hormone powder or anything fancy. Good old tomatoes!

I then fixed a plastic bag around the top of the pot and left them for a week or two and 4 plants made it. I potted them on a few times and this made my early tomato plants. I will be doing this again next year. These are tiny plants and I can easily keep them over winter (if I do not forget them again!) and even use the LED grow lights we have to keep them a bit healthier. Perhaps I can have tomatoes early again next year! Just more!!

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  1. Well of course you cheated! ! ! You would have beaten me anyway this year - my tomatoes are not only the "bonsai" variety, but now the "non-existent" variety after something has decided to munch on them leaving just a very miserable stalk ! I will not give up yet and will put the remaining 3 plants in intensive care ! Tomato salads are off the menu for a while .......a long while ! Well done Debby.


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