Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saving onions....

Last year I got some seeds from Nordgen, a seed bank which is situated on the remote Norwegian northern island of Svalbard, which issues seeds and I agree then to propagate the seeds. I got some onion seeds, Hamund which originated in Sweden in 1976. I grew them last year and they were the best onions I have ever grown from seed so I saved all the onions over winter and planted them this spring.

I planted them in the tunnel as I wanted to guarantee that I got some seeds if we had a strange spring / summer. I did not expect such a hot spring so they could have been outside....but better safe than sorry!

They are now producing the flower heads and some are starting to split open and will be full of wonderful flowers and later seeds!! If you have not seen alum flowers they are wonderful and I am very excited to be doing so well, so far....

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