Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eating your greens....

We have been eating lots of salad this year and this one is a huge one! The small match box gives an idea of scale. It is a semi head sort so the middle was nearly like an iceberg lettuce.

Not only do we need our greens, so too do the chickens! 
They eat a lot of green stuff and this mother and chicks were still confined inside so they got a bundle of some mizuna which had gone to seed. The bundle did not last long!!! I tied up 4 other bundles so that all the chickens had a bite to eat! In the winter the chickens love a white cabbage. I drill a hole through the middle, thread a bit of string though it and hang it in the chicken house. By the evening there is nothing left..... This gives them something to peck at which is very important in confined chickens or they will peck at each others feathers.

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