Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's been a long time!

Its been a long while since we've posted. I guess we've been busy. We are not on wwoof this year as even though hosting is a great experience we thought we'd like a break. I have to say we are missing the social interaction and help though.

We have decided to start to offer self sufficiency courses. This is of course a blatant attempt to get some money but I suppose we feel that now we have the experience and that if somebody wants a crash course on self sufficiency then this is the place to come.

I really need to update our website a little with lots of new stuff, but there you are. Theres the real world and the virtual world.

We managed to get some customers this year to buy Salad. Including a local restaurant. We are both pretty excited about this. Its a lot of work. But makes us both feel very "grown up" I think.

If anyone is reading this and interested in the self-sufficiency course then please contact us at jonsarna(@) other than that, not sure what to say. The restaurant in Lysvik has a curry night tonight and we are going! Not much on the calendar here so pretty excited.

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